I wasn't planning on blogging about this tonight, but I can't wait any longer! I am just too amazed by the way God is bringing people together to encourage you! There are some amazing things happening around here and it's time to let you in on some of the details.

A few weeks ago I realized it was time to shake up our ministry a little and change the blog. To be completely honest I have struggled a little this summer to keep the inspiration flowing. For a while I blamed it on the business of kids being home in summer and all of the tasks associated with the first year in this house. But God was not going to allow me to use my crazy life as an excuse. He continued to poke, nag, and churn my heart until I finally realized what was holding our ministry back. After teaming up with some amazing bloggers/speakers for the May 2014 Live Event, working alone just wasn't as much fun! So we scoured Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter looking for bloggers interested in adding their voice to our ministry. 

It was time to take a leap of faith and be BOLD enough to open ourselves up to new team members. On July 18 we blogged about the opportunity, crossed our fingers, and prayed God would send us a couple of people to inspire and encourage our readers. (You can read that post here.)

Let's just say God had a completely different definition of "a couple"! We received emails from many qualified men and women who want to share their stories with you! By mid-August we will have 10 (yes I said 10) bloggers on our ministry team! Can you believe it? 10 men and women representing 4 states whose birth dates span 4 decades. Our team includes writers, coaches, bi-vocational pastors, grad students, therapists, manual laborers, and stay at home moms. Their back stories tell the good, the bad, and the ugly parts of life in our broken world. 












So what do our bloggers have in common? Two things-A love for God and the desire to show you how much He loves you! I've read the bios of each of our Featured Contributors and I promise you will find a connection with at least one of our new friends. We have a few more little details to work out before formally introducing the new team but I promise it will happen soon! 

Be sure to opt-in to our email/newsletter list in the right hand column of this page and we will email you when the announcement is posted! We will be adding new posts to the blog daily and you won't want to miss anything! 

Please remember-You are a beloved child of God, no matter what!  

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