Many of you have probably spent time the week leading up to New Years and the week after setting goals for yourself and a vision for a fresh start. We plan our New Years resolutions with eagerness. We bask in the ease of a new beginning.

But the times that I find most difficult are the few weeks following the first of the year.

The end of January heading into February, I often feel discouraged. I haven’t stuck to my diet plans, gone to the gym, read my Bible, developed my business etc. I start to feel down on myself and focus on what I was incapable of accomplishing. I think it’s important to know that a fresh start can be given to ourselves any day! When the sun peaks through in the early morning hours and you’re still lying in bed thinking through the day’s routines and obligations, give yourself grace to embrace another chance for a fresh start.

Think through where you want to be and acknowledge where you have been.

I am excited to offer a resource that will help you plan your new year and each new beginning, no matter when it takes place. Tackle this year with intentionality and invest in your personal growth. Don’t spend all of 2016 going through the motions or giving up too soon. Accept the freedom found from a clean slate!