The greatest mothers are the ones who care about the whole family.

My mother had 13 children in 15 years. She gave birth to 13 individual, unique, and talented children while helping her husband in his recovery from alcoholism. She was the hub of our home. Everyone shared their troubles and victories with Mom. Mom shared them with Dad. After we left home, if we wanted to know the health of a brother or sister, we asked Mom. She knew everything about every child, his or her spouse, and her grandchildren. She was also the keeper of the extended family information. If we wanted to know about Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, or cousins, we asked Mom. She loved them all and prayed for them and us every day.

The greatest mothers discipline, but also put their children into God’s hands.

I had a praying mother. She trusted Jesus with everything including us. She encouraged us to trust God with every problem and praise Him for every solution. She wanted each of her children to know Jesus like she did. She was an example of godliness once Jesus was her Savior. My mother was strict. She expected the best from all of us. She knew she was not perfect, but she was forgiven. She wanted her children to know that forgiveness too. It started with knowing God was the head of our home so if we disobeyed, we didn’t disobey Mom; we disobeyed God. Most of all Mom wanted us to love God so we would be in heaven with her someday.

The greatest mothers make each child feel like they are her favorite.

Mom died of pancreatic cancer when she was only 63 years old. We fell apart. The hub of our life was gone. Our greatest cheerleader and confidant would never say another word to us in this world. In the days before she died, she would pull each child aside and give them some little trinket to remember her by. She would tell them how much she loved them and how proud she had been over their accomplishments. After the funeral, my youngest brother said, “I know you are all sad, but I am the saddest of all because I was her favorite.” We stared at him.
“No, I was her favorite!” they each said one by one. I laughed. I always thought that I was her favorite. She had made all thirteen of us feel that we were her favorite. What a feat for a mother with such a big family!

The greatest mothers leave a legacy of faith.

What will happen to your children when you are gone? You will have nothing to fear for them if you have shared Jesus with your children. Then all of you will meet again in heaven. That is the legacy Mom left for us. She didn’t have money to leave us. She didn’t have properties to leave us. She had no earthly thing that was greater than the faith that she modeled and shared with us. Because of her example, I wanted to be that kind of Mom to my children. I look forward to seeing her when I leave this world. What legacy will you leave for your children?