Broken Beautiful BOLD Ministries is an online women’s ministry created to encourage women around the world. Our primary message is that God love you, no matter what. Since our ministry began in 2011(as Faith Footprints), our team has filled this website and our social media pages with encouraging truths, inspiring stories, and personal accounts of how God’s love for us is bigger than we ever imagined.

Our personal lives and ministry activities are built upon the following beliefs:

First we believe that no one is too broken for God to love and that love redeems us, no matter what. We know that Jesus’ sacrifice not only creates hope for our afterlife, but also creates hope for our present life. He renovates our crumbling worldly hearts and makes them a beautiful reflection of His own.

Second, we believe each of us can choose to celebrate the way God’s beauty engulfs every aspect of our lives. We know that even when the brokenness of the world surrounds us, God’s presence within us remains unchanged. It is His presence that redeems our brokenness and transforms our lives.

Third, we believe that each of us is called to BOLDly follow the Holy Spirit in all things. The Spirit was appointed by God to lead us towards a stronger faith. The Holy Spirit often draws us deeper into our relationship by calling us to bold action that makes no sense through worldly eyes. Our love and gratitude for our Savior is made stronger by our awareness of the Spirit. The Spirit often calls us to use our story of brokenness and beautification to transform the lives of others.

Each of us is broken by sin. We live in a world ruled by darkness and it seeps into our lives from the moment we are born. Sometimes it is our own sins that bind us, other times we are broken by the sins of others, but we are all touched by sin. Jesus’ sacrifice not only creates hope for our afterlife, but also creates hope for our present life. In spite of our brokenness, He calls to us. He renovates our crumbling, broken hearts and makes them a beautiful reflection of His own.

Jesus’ resurrection unbinds us from our brokenness. Past mistakes no longer dictate our future. His grace covers every flaw and creates something beautiful where darkness once ruled. Our story is now one of redemption rather than shame. Each of us can choose to celebrate the way God’s beauty engulfs every aspect of our lives. We know that even when the brokenness of the world surrounds us, God’s presence within us remains unchanged.

Each of us is called to BOLDly follow the Holy Spirit in all things. The Holy Spirit often draws us deeper into our relationship with God by calling us to BOLD action that makes no sense through worldly eyes. Our love and gratitude for our Savior is made stronger by our awareness of the Spirit. We know Holy Spirit actively moves through the world and calls us to use our story of brokenness redeemed into beauty to transform lives.

In 2009, Broken Beautiful BOLD founders Angela and Gary Herrington had been dramatically shaken by the catastrophic illness of their youngest child. While their daughter spent weeks on life support, their friends and family scrambled to meet the needs of the four older children while Gary worked and Angela stayed at the hospital 2 hours away. Is was a difficult season for their family but through the prayers and wisdom of spiritual friends, they became aware that God was present before, during, and after their crisis. In the middle of the night Angela sat next to her daughter in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit and began to write.

During a family vacation the summer of 2011 Angela heard God clearly call her to ministry. Because she wrestled with the guilt and shame of previous choices, God calling her felt ironic at best. After a few weeks of many late night discussions and the encouragement of some wise friends, Angela answered the call to ministry and enrolled in the biblical studies program at Indiana Wesleyan. With Gary’s encouragement she began blogging on a site they named Faith Footprints.

During this time, God again made his constant presence known to both Angela and Gary. God peeled back the many layers of pain that a life outside of the faith had created and the couple began to understand how different life can be when centered on Christ.

They rejoiced as the baggage of past mistakes was replaced with hope of a life of grace. The little blog that Angela started upon returning from that summer vacation grew into larger writing projects and a desire to take their story to people who felt too broken to be loved by God. In 2013 the name of he ministry was changed to Broken Beautiful BOLD and the mission became helping women to embrace Jesus’ gift of redemptive grace, fully accepting that they are a beautiful child of God, and empowering them to live BOLDly through the Holy Spirit.

In the spring of 2014 the inaugural Broken Beautiful BOLD Live Event was held in Marion, Indiana and featured seven inspirational speakers from three states. Women gathered on a Saturday morning in May to worship and be renewed. It was a resounding success and many of the speakers and participants left the event as friends. Many of our speakers were also featured as guest bloggers and continue to inspire our ministry.

A second live event was held in 2015 and the team greatly increased the ministry’s presence on social media. More bloggers joined the team and readers enjoyed the additional stories of courageous women!  In the fall of 2015 Angela returned to Indiana Wesleyan and began working towards a master’s degree in leadership to help deepen the ministry. 2016 was a year of massive growth on social media with Angela’s social media posts reaching up to 400,000 people each month.

In 2017 the website received a complete overhaul to better showcase over 450 articles written since the minsitry opened. We believe there are more amazing opportunities to share God’s message of redemption, hope, and rebirth with women of diverse faith experiences through our website, social media, and live events.

Meet Our Team

Angela J Herrington

Angela J Herrington

CEO, Founder

Life Coach, Author, and Digital Strategy Coach for Christian Entrepreneurs, Angela J Herrington teaches her clients how to tap into the power of digital marketing. She specializes in developing sales funnels and social media strategies for coaches and solopreneurs who want to make a difference in their communities. In two years she has built social media and blogging platforms that reach over 200,000 people in 40+ countries each month.

Angela is a Lark’s Song Certified Life Coach and a dynamic speaker who creates enormous value for her audience. She is known for crushing complex topics down to bite sized pieces and sending her audience home with actionable steps to apply their learning. Angela has received rave reviews at women’s ministry events, writer’s conferences, and small business workshops. She holds a BA in Biblical Studies and will earn a Masters in Leadership from Wesley Seminary in April 2017.

Angela’s short story ``The Turkey Trail`` was published in the collection Naturally Yours: Stories About Indiana's State Parks and Reservoirs. She also enjoys social media, travel, photography, cooking, canning, and exploring old fashioned ways to live life with her family.

Gary Herrington

Gary Herrington

COO, Founder

Gary brings years of retail, customer service, and management experience to our ministry team. He is a graduate of Marion HIgh School and earned a Bachelors degree from Ball State University in 2001. Over the last 15 years he has been a stay at home dad, worked in finance and banking, provided foreclosure-prevention counseling, and worked in textbook sourcing, distribution, sales and customer service. He specializes in developing highly efficient social media strategies for churches and ministries. When not working Gary is most likely found outdoors fishing, camping, or playing with his family.

Kristen Entwistle

Kristen Entwistle

Blog Manager

Kristen Entwistle is a college professor in Chemistry and Biochemistry. She helps to lead worship at her church on Sunday mornings and leads a women’s Bible study on Saturday mornings. She was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis when she was three months old, and has seen God work through the ups and downs of life and through her disease. In response to God’s calling, Kristen started All For Him, a ministry seeking to encourage and challenge women of all ages in Christ.

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