As we gather here to feast on Your Word,
We thank You for inviting us
To Your banquet table as Your children—
Precious sons and daughters of the King.
We thank You that You meet us here,
Joining in the love and fellowship
We share as Your family.

Create in us a love for Scripture—
A hunger that can only be filled,
And a thirst that can only be quenched,
As we receive Your Word to us.

May we who are blind see Your face.
May we who are deaf hear Your voice.
May we who are lame walk in Your ways.
Heal us, O Lord,
And we shall be healed.

Grant us open hearts,
That we may grow
More intimate in our knowledge of You,
More deep in our love for You,
More joyful in our service to You.

Then we will teach transgressors Your ways,
And turn the hearts of sinners back to You.

Thank You for this family.
May we encourage and strengthen each sister,
Each brother—
Through our actions, our words, our prayers—
Growing more faithful to one another,
And to You,
As the day of Your return draws near.

Thank You that You have promised to hear us,
As we make all these requests
In the name of our Older Brother,
Your Son, Jesus.