Author: Amanda Foust

The Unchanging In A Changing World

“So let’s give our kids Jesus and trust Him to lead, even if we don’t see results for five years, ten years, or until the other side of this life. Because no matter what their spiritual futures contain–the new trends, new kind of church, new worldview, new systems–Jesus will remain. He is the only constant, the only Savior that held through the ages.” –For the Love I came across these words today as I was reading a chapter in Jen Hatmaker’s latest book, For the Love. I often bear the full weight of my children’s morality and salvation on...

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What’s Wrong With The Before Picture?

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but lately there have been many weight-loss “before and after” photos circulating social media. While everyone is cheering on the person in the picture (and rightfully so), I’m over here thinking, “What’s wrong with the before picture?” The before picture often is seen as negative. It’s a picture of a person we once knew but are eager to dismiss. But why? What if we changed our approach? As someone who is in the midst of my own weight-loss journey, I have been juggling a right and wrong approach to losing weight. In one...

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