Author: Ashley Morgan Jackson

Christmas Thanks

  The twinkling lights, the trees, the music, the sweets, the candles, the movies, the shopping, the wrapping, the baking, the decorating. There are so many things about Christmas that we love, it’s a special and magical time of year for gift giving and being with family. With all the sights and sounds it is like a million small ways asking you to look around, slow down, enjoy it all before it’s all over. So often it seems we are missing those sights and sounds and smells because we are running from one thing to the next, constantly complaining...

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Taking Every Thought Captive

  When you think of the term “Mean Girl” what pops into your head? At first I think of the movie and the pink cover with ol Lindsay but beyond that, when you think about who you might consider to be “mean girls” who do you picture? A particular person? A group of girls? I suppose my first imagination of the term is the untouchable girls from high school. You know the one’s; popular, perfect body, perfect hair, name brand perfect clothes, so many friends and of course the perfect boyfriend. Now-a-days in mom land, not much has changed...

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