Author: Beth Kelly

Chasing Mirages

Trying to pick a major in college was a pretty difficult thing for me to do. I must have changed my mind a dozen times throughout the process, and even tried my hand at a few careers. I had pretty lofty expectations of how I would feel if it were my calling, and what the outcome should look like. While I did enjoy some of these professions, I still felt something lacking. Here I’d devoted so much time and energy to seek degrees and establish careers, yet after the newness inevitably wore off, I’d be in the same position and wondering...

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He Makes All Things New

Like dirt upon the surface of the traveled road, covered up with perfect snow, and washed away in springs’ melting flow, He Makes All Things New. Like a jewelsmith refining gold, shaping it by fire into something beautiful and bold, He Makes All Things New. Like the artist who sees beauty in others’ rubble, and repurposes it with magnificent vision to a breathtaking creation, He Makes All Things New. For he is the master carpenter taking our broken shards of suffering and rebuilding them into unimaginable masterpieces of freedom and healing. Always available when we call on his name,...

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Still She Stands

The dark season enters her land, the creator of light feels distant, STILL SHE STANDS. Her leaves begin to change and fall, stripped to nothing, naked to all. STILL SHE STANDS. The air is frigid now, the horizon bleak. Lonely and cold, she fights defeat. STILL SHE STANDS. For she’s endured lifes’ seasons before, she has faith, he will restore. She stands firmly planted, as harsh elements assault her branches. But in him her roots are deep, she will not be moved, her faith she keeps. Each day is closer to when the sun stays longer, and the dark is shorter, to...

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The Gift

Miscarriage is still a subject many keep hush hush about. It’s personal. It’s sad. It’s still not talked about much. When I had my first miscarriage, it was a lonely and painful place to be. It also happened to be Christmas. I remember sitting in the bathroom looking at that dollar store test….. positive!  My hopes and dreams were coming true! I wanted this baby so much. We had tried for so long. And to find out during the holiday season, what a joy! I knew I should wait a little while to tell people, but of course I...

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The Enemy’s Strategy

  In my younger days I’d never given much thought to spiritual warfare. To me it was more of an abstract thought and a concept that I accepted for the bigger things in life. For example, when we hear about more tragedies in the news, we can blame the enemy for creating that disaster.  He’s got a presence on this earth in general, but not necessarily in my life or heart. Or so I thought. Boy did I think wrong! Fast forward a few more years and I entered into a dark time in my life and marriage. Things were going...

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