Author: Carla Burrows

Stored Up Blessings

How abundant are the good things that You have stored up for those who fear You, that You bestow in the sight of all, on those who take refuge in You. Psalm 31:19 One of the great things I love about gardening is the abundance of produce that appear thoughout the growing season. However, during the fall, my garden starts to die back and it saddens me that I can no longer look forward to walking through my garden with hopes of seeing a ripe tomato, golden squash, the bountiful supply of cucumbers, peppers, and beans. However, it feels...

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How to Flourish In the Next Season

It was a mid-summer day as I sat on the top step of my deck, overlooking my newly planted flower garden. I was imagining extending the display of color throughout the fall season by planting fall blooming plants. I was thinking I would take a trip or two to a couple of local nurseries in the early fall to purchase a few fall plantings to add to my garden. As I sat contemplating what planting I would add once the fall season approached, my husband walked out and asked, “what are you in such deep thought about.” I responded...

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Writing as A Ministry

Have you ever considered writing as a ministry? Neither did I until I wrestled with the idea of whether I was truly called to minister. I had spent many years in the most wonderful church; during a few of these years I was active as an Evangelist. I would not give a moment of that time to do anything else. However, I often felt God calling me to something else. For years I believed that “something else” to be God calling me to a different location, but no matter where I landed, I never felt I was in the...

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Why You Should Study Scripture

If you find yourself struggling to keep your commitment to consistent bible study, you are not alone. Most women desire to spend more time reading Gods word, but somehow life happens. We often find ourselves at the end of another day, too tired to even open our bibles, much less study God’s word. Sometimes it is as simple as finding your motivation to seek out God’s word daily. It’s not always easy to stay motivated when everyday life challenges interfere with your desire to spend time in God’s word. I am right there with you, longing for some me...

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5 Easy Mindful Living Tips for Busy Moms

Moms are valuable to their families and community. Mom’s wear so many hats and have many roles and responsibilities that without them, I do believe the rest of the family would be lost. However, even moms need to take time out form the busyness of their lives to be more mindful. Mindfulness is about making a conscious choice to be more aware of what’s happening within, around, and to you. It’s about awareness of what you are feeling and sensing in the present moment, without judgement. As women of God, busy Christian moms can discover how to let go...

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