Author: Dawn Russell

Loving Your Prodigal

I write these words with the tenderest (is that a word?) of hearts over the subject at hand. My heart is tender because I know what I am about to write is a common situation for so many of us, and as moms we are the walking wounded with broken hearts because of it. My daughter is a prodigal. I came to Christ as an adult when my daughter was 2 years old, so she really does not have a memory of my life before. I found a good, solid church and we “did the things.” Church Christmas musical. Sunday School. Youth Group. Kid’s Bibles and devotionals and Veggie Tales. Took her to see Steven Curtis Chapman in concert more than once. It was not uncommon in the least for her to bring me her friends during sleepovers at our house to explain that she had talked to them about Jesus and that they had accepted Him as well. I was so proud of her. And proud of me. I had done it well. RIGHT. When I sat down to think this through today and try to remember events, I came to the realization that I don’t remember the exact moment things changed. Maybe there wasn’t an exact moment, but a string of them that I didn’t notice, until one day she told me that this “stuff” was great...

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Peace Versus Panic

I’ve known for years that I am a control freak. I’ve known for minutes that the anxiety it produces in me is a sin. I make jokes about my controlling nature to excuse my behavior so everyone can laugh and pat my shoulder at how I need to have my life ordered in a certain way. Sometimes the anxiety rises up in me so fast and furious that I don’t know where to go with it. It screams control, control, control at me until I relent and start to try to “take charge” of whatever situation is in front...

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