Have you ever looked into the mirror and felt broken? Have you ever wished a part of you looked different? Different hair, different eyes, different smile, ears, skin, etc… I could go on forever.

I have. I have torn myself down and broken my own heart by what I perceived I should be. I saw women on T.V., movies, magazines, and online that seemed perfect, they seemed to have it all. They were everything I wasn’t. And what I saw fed my identity. It fed who I thought I should be and what I thought I should look like.

Often times we point out the flaws before we ever notice the beauty. We nit-pick and complain about what we are not instead of seeing who we really are. I discovered that the more I focused on the world’s standards of beauty, the more I felt like I wasn’t enough. But when I focused on God and His standard of beauty I began to appreciate, value, and understand real, true beauty. I began to understand that beauty was not outward at all, but inward. Outward beauty is fleeting, no matter how many nips/tucks you have done, beauty will fail you, but inner beauty will radiate through scars, flaws, and wrinkled skin.

Beauty is not about everything you’re not, it’s about everything you are. I know everyone is all about the #SelfLove right now, but I’m all about the #GodLove because it wasn’t until I saw myself through His eyes that I found myself to be beautiful. Through His eyes I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Through His eyes I am beautiful. He sees past my flaws and sees me, the real me, brokenness and all. He makes up the difference and brings the broken pieces together to make me beautiful.

I will never be a size zero and that’s okay. I have scars and imperfections and that’s okay, too. From now on, I want to focus on my beauty coming from a pure and sincere heart, a heart that seeks God and trusts Him to make me beautiful.

To my fellow women: I vow to not tear you down. I vow to uplift and encourage. Because I have been there, I understand. My prayer is that you see yourself through God’s eyes and not man’s.

I am broken and I am beautiful.

I am Beautifully Broken.