I’m still getting used to the switch to lengthened days instead of shortened ones. My winterized mind told me not to bother peeking through the blinds until well after 8:00, because I’d find nothing but darkness.

Yet last week, the cat pawed repeatedly at the blinds covering the windows in our home office, so I finally cranked them open to prove to her the darkness would keep her from seeing anything beyond the glass.

And there in front of me was the most beautiful start of a sunrise.
Blue and pink, some yellow and fiery orange –
and silhouetted in front of it all were the bare branches of trees.


I walked through the house, pulling open the blinds and curtains to welcome the day, since it had been so kind to show up earlier than I expected. The cat trailed behind me, whining for me to watch her eat breakfast. Before I did, I snapped a quick picture of the brilliant sky and walked to the kitchen to make my own breakfast – a fix that day that couldn’t have taken even five minutes.

And when I walked back to the window to look at the sun again, it was gone.

All the colors, gone. The same gray clouds I’d seen for days had pushed their way back to the front, smothering every bit of the color that had just been right there.

BBBJanuary16 (1)

I watched Braeya eat her breakfast and settled in at my desk, pulling the picture back up so I could at least see the pretty colors I’d photographed.

The sun never reappeared that day. I shook my head multiple times, wondering how a sunrise so promising could vanish so entirely in less than five minutes. And I was grateful I’d paused to capture it when I did. Waiting five minutes would have meant waiting too long.

It was a good reminder for me – a reminder to pause to appreciate the beauty when I see it
because I don’t know if it will still be there the next time I look.
A reminder to appreciate the memories of the
spectacular in the moments when I can’t see it in front of me.

God is good. His mercies are new each morning, but we must stop long enough to recognize and appreciate them when they lay before us.

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Bekah Shaffer is a wife, writer, blogger, and lover of life and creativity. God has redeemed and restored the life that felt broken and useless, and she loves to share pieces of her story so others can find hope in what God has done. She’s married to Ryan, her answer to many years of prayers, and she loves to scrapbook, make memories, cook, write, and point others toward the Lord!
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