In Genesis 6:1-11:32 we learn about Noah and how he was favored by God for his righteousness. The footnotes of my Life Application Study Bible make a note of the fact that “righteous” does not mean perfect. I think it’s important that the text doesn’t say that he was sinless.

It’s encouraging that God can use imperfect people in a sinful world to achieve amazing things.

I’m sure Noah was taunted and belittled by his peers as he built the ark. I can imagine even his closest friends thinking that he had completely lost his common sense. I wonder, if they had supported him, would God have allowed them to board the ark? It’s inspiring to think of completing a huge task with only the support of God.

God asks all of us to build a boat at some point in our life.

Not as proof of our faith to Him, but more of a team building exercise for us. When building our boat, He often leads us out of our comfort zone and lowers our expectation of being right. I believe that He is doing that right now as I begin these new projects. My road is leading me far outside of the world’s expectations for me. I am scared to death that I will not be able to complete the mission God is leading me towards. I think that hardest part for me, is not knowing the details of where I am going!

I have to remind myself that God told Noah every detail of the boat and the animals he needed to collect before the storm. He even told Noah that is was going to rain for 40 days and that the Earth would be flooded and many lives would be lost.

But God didn’t tell Noah how many days he would be on the boat, or how difficult it would be to close the door and leave neighbors behind as it began to rain.

Noah began building without fully knowing what God was planning. Isn’t that the true definition of Faith? Not knowing what God has planned and still being obedient.

It’s like pushing away from the shore without a lifeboat as your back up plan.

When I find myself anxious about the unknown, I must also remember that Noah didn’t know about the beautiful rainbow God would present to him until after the waters receded.

God gives us just as much information as our minds can handle and then fills our hearts with everything else we need to complete our mission. It’s a pretty amazing that our creator knows exactly how much we can handle and when He needs to step in!

So today I’ll leave you with a question-What boat is God asking you to build?
God bless,