Sometimes making the right decision is easy. Sometimes it isn’t.

Everyday, young women in a variety of situations are faced with a difficult decision. Each has just discovered she is pregnant and it isn’t part of their plan. For some, that positive pregnancy test would be a long awaited miracle. For others it would require some serious juggling of life/work/family priorities, but for these girls, it is just plain difficult.

There is no better word for it than difficult. I know, because I once was that girl.

I was a middle class white girl in a relatively safe environment. I was a freshman at a public college that wasn’t going to kick me out. I had a supportive partner and friends. Plus, I had enough education to get a job that paid more than minimum wage and still-it was difficult.

I was pregnant, unmarried, and had the legal and cultural right to make a choice about what would happen next.

Many of you have never heard this piece of my story. Perhaps we have only met in the last few years and you see a happily married mom of five and can’t imagine me as a scared freshman weeping and confused, but I was. Hearing the unexpected news wasn’t the hardest part.

What happened next was more difficult than the sudden left turn we were taking.

There were more opinions than you can imagine. I promise, I heard them all. Adoption, abortion, have the baby. Get married, don’t get married. Stay in school, drop out. Get a job, file for welfare. You name it. Someone thought it was the best choice for us. The noise nearly paralyzed me.

It was difficult and confusing, but there was one thing I was sure of.

My baby needed to be protected from the noise. No matter what anger, shame, or disrespect I faced, he deserved to be shielded from it. Protecting him meant fiercely saying no to terminating the pregnancy. Protecting him meant raising him as best as I could and somehow, just trying to figure it out.

Not every girl faced with a difficult decision, has as much in her favor as I did. Perhaps she is the one that deserves to be shielded and protected.

That’s why I’m sharing this now, because there are women and girls facing that difficult decision who don’t have anyone shielding them from the anger, shame, or disrespect and it is horribly cruel for us look the other way. That’s why I decided it was time to share this private piece of our family’s story.

No matter where you are, you can help encourage a girl, who like me so many years ago, is facing a difficult decision.

My friend’s at FrontGate Blogger Network emailed me about Embrace Grace‘s Love in a Box ministry and I knew I had to share it with you. This is a chance for you to love on someone who may be feeling quite unloved, without ever leaving your home. The Love in a Box minsitry distributes beautiful gifts to pregnant women and they include a powerful, yet simple, handwritten note from women just like you. (Full disclosure- FrontGate Blogger Network sent me one these boxes for free so I could tell you about it first hand. I don’t make any money from promoting the boxes and my opinions are 100% my own.)

Boxes are distributed to pregnancy centers nation-wide and given to young, single women with positive pregnancy tests.

The box is full of gifts that will inspire hope and impart love to a mom that may be scared for her future. Each box consists of a Fearless Journal and pen, a Bump in Life book, a baby onesie, testimonial letters of girls that chose adoption and chose to parent, an invitation to join an Embrace Grace group and a Brave Girl letter t written by YOU!

This is your chance to rise above the noise and love on someone who is scared and confused.

It doesn’t cost you a penny to write a note and if you want to help even more, you can purchase a box and they will send it to a mom trying to decide what her future holds. You can download the letter template here and write your heart out. When done, send it to: Embrace Grace, Inc. Attn: Love in a Box, 700 W. Bedford Euless Rd., Ste. G, Hurst, TX 7605

If you’re ready to do more, you can purchase a box here and Embrace Grace can send, or you can send it to someone who needs it.

You have the opportunity to speak into the life of a mom that could possibly be contemplating a life or death decision. You can encourage, uplift and inspire her to choose life and to get plugged into an Embrace Grace support group at a local church. 

There are three ways you can partner with Embrace Grace :

  1. Start an Embrace Grace group at your local church so young women with unplanned pregnancies have a support group.
  2. Partner with the national organization through prayer and support at
  3. Download and print our brave girl letter ( and mail to address above for us to place inside a Love in a Box.

Embrace Grace is even offering an opportunity to win a free pro-love gift box-Click here to read the details and enter.

Guys, these gift boxes are obviously georgeous, but I’m sure you can see there’s more going on here than a sweet gift. The opportunity to love on someone who feels overwhelmed is one of the most priceless opportunities God may ever present you with. Because a few, very gentle people spoke love and encouragement to me all those years ago, I was able to protect my now 22 year old son through a complex pregnancy that threatened both of our lives.

I have never regretted making the difficult decision to fight for him. To be completely honest, he saved me.

This little post is the least I can do to encourage a young momma to fight for her baby and herself. Please join me in partnering with Embrace Grace and start writing letters to these mommas so they’ll know they are not alone.