Waiting is hard. We moved into a fixer-upper hoping that our finances would permit us to make the house into the space we hoped it would be. That was two years ago, and we’ve been finishing the basement since the day we moved in. I still have unpacked boxes waiting for a permanent place. Our lives have been full of construction dust, insulation, dry-wall, drywall mud, and paint. I want this project to be done so much that it hurts! I’m tired of the mess and inconvenience.

Advent is a waiting period. We spend time and energy creating anticipation. We decorate; we bake; we wrap. In our instant-gratification culture, rarely do we cultivate patience. I’m trying to appreciate and learn from the natural rhythm Advent provides:


Hope for the future.

Eagerly looking ahead.

Psalm 62:5

Let all that I am wait quietly before God, for my hope is in him.

What are you hoping for this Christmas season?