I hear You,
Standing at the door of Heaven,
Calling me—
“Little one, it’s time to come Home.”
Your voice has echoed all through my life,
Reminding me of Your love
And Your desire that I would one day join You.
Now the call is stronger, more definite:
“Come home. It’s time.”
I want to answer Your call.
Yet, I don’t want to leave the good things here—
The love of family and friends.
The soft touch of kitten fur.
The beauty of music.
But Your voice is more beautiful still, as You promise,
“Heaven never takes away any good. It only gives more.”
So trusting You, I run to Your open arms,
Splashing through a river of love and joy, richer than I’ve ever known,
Until every cell of me is filled with pure love
From me, to the ones I love, and back again,
All finding its beginnings in God, Who is Love.
A Love so strong,
All those other things—what were they called?
Pain? Sadness? Fear?—are swept away.
And as I reach the river’s other side,
You scoop me up in Your strong arms and twirl me.
(After all, You are my Big Brother!)
“Welcome Home,” I hear you say.
“Welcome Home!”