STORIESWe Christians spend a lot of time discussing the best way to share God's love with others. We all have our own opinion of what people need to hear and we tend to believe that our way is the best(or even the only) way to reach people. We tend to bicker and look down our noses at other peoples methods.

It's sad to see the results of our behavior. We continue to create division within our own churches. Conflict seeps into every denomination and socioeconomic group. We flood the social media sites and promote our love for Jesus while harshly judging the guy in the pew next to us.

We're quick to pass on the "I'm not ashamed of being Christian but you are if you don't re-post this" but we don't offer a directions to the person who looks lost. We angrily rant about how selfish the politicians, sports heroes, and reality stars are, but we don't have time to stop and help the person with car problems.

It also has a huge impact on the way non-Christians see us-and it's not good. Many people who desperately need God's grace avoid us. "Those people" quickly become a target for our anger and they want nothing to do with God because of us. Anger and hate spread uncontrollably once started. Stop feeding it, stop passing it on, stop bottling it up and keeping it for a rainy day.

It's time that we accept that God created us different, Jesus died for all of our sins, and The Holy Spirit moves us in different ways. It's time to stop acting like spoiled kids and learn to accept that different is not wrong. Life isn't about proving we have more value than the "losers" at the other end of the lunch table.

Following Christ is not about presenting the perfect image, it's about accepting the perfect God.

If our message is truly about accepting Jesus as our personal savior then we have common ground and it's time to start listening to God's message together.

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