Last January, I was driving a colleague and friend home from work in the snow. The roads weren’t terrible, but they were certainly more dangerous than normal. We got in the car and started driving, and came up on a red light at the top of a hill. There were two cars in front of us to the light, and when the light turned green, the first car made it safely through the intersection, but the four-wheel drive car in front of us couldn’t go where he wanted to. Instead of stepping on the gas and keeping his wheels straight, he stepped on the gas and turned his wheels right…into the sidewalk. It took a few seconds before he realized he was going nowhere and he stopped, backed up a little bit, and tried again.
He again stepped on the gas and turned the wheel….to the right. Again. And guess where he ended up? Stuck. Again.

By this time, the light had turned red again, and my car hadn’t even moved. The car in front of me again backed up a little bit and tried to go forward again. And do you know what he did? The same thing. He turned his wheels right again and ended up in the sidewalk.

Three times, this driver had tried the same thing and it hadn’t worked. Three times!

How many times do we do that in life, though? Do the same thing over and over, hoping for a different result? I’m talking about those times when you go to bed at 2 am every night this week and get up at 6 am for work or class and then complain that we’re tired and not getting enough sleep. Those times when you want to lose the weight but just keep quitting every time you start. Those times when you open up the web browser and go to the pornography sites even though you said last time was the last time…six times ago. Those times when you think about praying…but don’t because you don’t have the time. Those times when you sleep through church or make excuses about how you were too busy and then wonder why you’re not feeling spiritually fed.

When do we call enough enough? When do we say, “Enough with this! This isn’t working. It’s time for a change.” How much are you willing to change? How much work are you willing to put in – because I’m not going to lie to you. It’s probably not going to be easy.

You might have to get yourself an accountability partner…or two…so that you can keep with a workout program. You might have to go to bed earlier. You might have to actually tell someone that you struggle with a pornography addiction so that you can be accountable to them. You might have to turn off Netflix and spend some more time on your knees than on your couch.


It’s not an easy change, but I promise you, it’s one you’ll be glad you made. It usually takes me more than three times to figure out that what I’m doing isn’t working, but once I do, I can’t change things on my own. I’ve got to go to God. He’s the one who gives me the strength to change. The will to change. The chance to change.

Well, the driver in front of me tried one last time. This time when he put the car into drive, he didn’t turn the wheel to the right – he left it straight! And lo and behold, he went straight!

I don’t know what finally clued him in to the fact that what he was doing wasn’t working, but he made a change and it got him to the right place.

So go to your knees – ask God to give you the courage to change. Go to your friends – they can probably see what’s not working before you can. And then go do it.