As we approach the end of Holy Week and the celebration of Easter, pause to remember what this day, Good Friday, means.  

Today is the day that we remember the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross.  

His separation from the Father.

His unfathomable love for us, sinners.

We remember that we were the ones in the crowd, crying, "Crucify Him!"

It was our sin that nailed Him to the cross.  Our sin.  Our cross.  

He took our place, paid the price for us.  He died so that we may live.  

Those were my nails

That was my crown

That pierced Your hands and Your brow

Those were my thorns

Those were my scorns

Those were my tears that fell down

And just as You said it would be

You did it all for me

After You counted the cost

You took my shame, my blame

On my cross

FFH, On My Cross

Kristen-headshotKristen Entwistle is a graduate student pursuing her PhD in biochemistry and molecular biology at Michigan State University.  She helps to lead worship at her church on Sunday mornings and leads a women’s Bible study on Saturday mornings.  She was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis when she was three months old, and has seen God work through the ups and downs of life and through her disease.  In response to God's calling, Kristen started All For Him, a ministry seeking to encourage and challenge women of all ages in Christ.  
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