Every morning this week, I’ve gotten out of bed at 4:30am to leave my house at 5:00 to catch a yellow school bus headed out to a corn field at 5:15. I’m part of a team supervising two hundred teenagers as they detassel the corn. Detasseling is hard work. The kids start down a row of wet corn that might go without a break for a mile. They get completely soaked in the first ten minutes. Today I watched a girl pour several cups of water out of her boot. As the sun rises, the corn dries, but the people burn in the wet heat. The sharp corn leaves cut any exposed skin. Detasseling is very hard work.

For most of the day, every single person in the field is miserable: wet, cold, hot, sweaty, stinky, dirty, achy, blistered, hungry, dehydrated miserable. Some people ignore their pain and work hard. They get the job done quietly and effectively. Other people bellow and moan. Some people make sure to do a good job. Others could care less about the job or their results. They just want to get out of the field as fast as possible.

Unfortunately, griping about the job doesn’t get it done any faster or any better. If the people who sat around bellyaching put that much energy into their work, everyone would get to go home sooner.

The Bible says, Be strong and courageous, and do the work. 1 Chronicles 28:20

What hard thing are you facing that you would rather not face? Is complaining slowing you down? Be strong and courageous, and do the work.