Becoming a mom is the most rewarding and fulfilling challenges in life. The rewards do not come immediately. Though it’s the love of a child, smiles, hugs, being taught important milestones in life as well as achievements that is sure to reap the harvest of a mature and responsible adult.
Indeed a true blessing! That’s why it is so equally important to incorporate the Word of God and a prayer plan. The most joyous times for studying Scriptures, meditating and spending some alone time with God is early mornings. Kids are asleep. The house is quiet. The sound of birds chirping. All makes for an inviting atmosphere of soaking up the Word of God in our daily routine.
The Bible clearly instructs, ” train up a child in the way he should go.” (Prov.22:6) Wise instructions for today’s busy mom. Using the Word as a point of reference is how¬† we conquer things that try to steal our kids’ identity. This is how we equip our kids in the ways of God. God has a plan for them. To train, nurture and teach our children about accepting God’s plan for their lives is a foundation laid out early on that ” cannot be shaken” no matter what storms come to knock you off course.