You’re halfway through the first month of a new year.

How are those goals and resolutions going?

Don’t worry; this isn’t a lecture on the perils of giving up too soon.

Not at all! But it seems like right about this time every year, the majority of us look at the long list of goals we so eagerly committed to a couple of weeks ago, slump our shoulders and say what was I thinking!?!!?

Overcrowded gyms start to thin out again, lists get shoved under growing piles, and we offer ourselves a healthy dose of permission to relax so much that we’re back to where we were at the end of last year.

I get it. At the first of the year, I sat down with my day planner and scripted out a full list of chores for every day. I divided my life into categories and balanced daily amounts of exercise and work and home-chores. I gleefully checked off my items throughout the day each day and congratulated myself on well-thought-out organization.

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And then about a week into it, I sleepily kissed my husband goodbye when he left for work and groaned, “when does it slow down???” And I knew until I quit filling each day to the max, it would not slow down.

But here are a few of my observations that might help you if you’re feeling overwhelmed by your pre-new-year zeal.

It’s okay to not accomplish everything.

Goals, whether they are set at a new year or any other time are not life-or-death commitments. {Usually.} If you find that your list was too long for you to safely and healthfully complete, find things on the list that you can let go. If you do have items on the list that affect you in a life-or-death way, for goodness’ sake, keep those things! Let go of something else that is minor. And there’s always something minor.

It is not okay to give up accomplishing anything.

While it is okay to give yourself some permission, don’t give yourself all the permission! We’re charged with growing, changing, and developing, and if we shrug and choose to remain stagnant, we’re missing out on the fullest life God has for us. So while you might not be able to do it all {like you thought you could on New Year’s Eve}, you can do SOME of it, and you should. Hold yourself accountable to the most important goals.

Just for fun, restart a goal on some random day in the year.

Weight loss/getting healthy is, of course, one of the top resolutions each year, but you know what I did last year? Started that journey on November 30th. The last day of a month, the precursor to holiday season {which is about the craziest time ever}, and on a day of no particular calendar significance to me. But you know what? When January 1 rolled around, I’d lost almost ten pounds and I was ridiculously happy I’d begun this journey in a non-traditional time frame. So do what you can for now, and when you feel like you’ve got the goals in a manageable spot, bring back one you let go of earlier. You’ll be glad you did.

Press on, my friend! Don’t let yourself give up, even though it might feel good to do so right now. Perseverance is a character trait worth developing!

bekah headshotBekah Shaffer is a wife, writer, blogger, and lover of life and creativity. God has redeemed and restored the life that felt broken and useless, and she loves to share pieces of her story so others can find hope in what God has done. She’s married to Ryan, her answer to many years of prayers, and she loves to scrapbook, make memories, cook, write, and point others toward the Lord!
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