I didn’t have many aspirations in my post-college life. I think it must have terrified my parents, as they watched the calendar hurling toward graduation, and they watched me shrug and say “Something will work out,” regarding employment and housing.

I’m not one to not plan ahead, so it mystifies even me
as I look back at that season of my life.

How could I get into my senior year without a plan of any kind? God was merciful and provided a job just into my second semester of my senior year. He probably did it more to restore my parents’ blood pressure than anything else, but I was still grateful. And before I received my diploma, I had secured a place to live too, much to my parents’ immense relief.

Both answers to prayer also exceeded any expectations I had. I’d worked in an office all during college and hoped I might land a secretarial job there. As long as it was full time and had benefits, it was good enough for me. God did provide a job in that office, but it was even higher-paying than I expected.

It was also higher-stress, and it wasn’t long before I started wondering what it would be like if I had a different job. One that fit my personality better than this math-laden job fit my math-hating self.

It took eleven years and many tears, but I finally transitioned into a new job.

One that offered just what I hoped to experience: a perfect fit for my gifts and skills. I loved that season of life and all it afforded me.

But then I got married, and working a 50-60 hour a week job an hour from home left me wondering what it would be like to stay at home and be the wife I longed to be.

It took a couple of years before we could work things out
for that dream to become a reality, but it has.

This week, as I made it my full-time job to recover from a nasty cold, I thanked my husband for making it possible for me to stay home and pursue my writing and speaking dreams. I thanked him for the chance to rest during weeks when I felt sick. I thanked him for making a dream come true that I never dared to dream back in college.

God is so good. He has always provided above and beyond
anything I could dream, and though I was sometimes stalled
in seasons longer than I would have chosen to be, I also
know that each moment in each place made me
the person I am and grew me significantly.

I’m so grateful. I’m grateful He knows better than I just what I need. I’m grateful for dreams that come true, for dreams that do not, and for dreams that are delayed. In each one are lavish gifts from the Father, if we just dare to see them.