Who is Exodus Cry?

In 2007, Benjamin Nolot heard of the sex trafficking happening around the world, but then he heard about a 15-year old girl in his own city in the United States, who had been forced into sex slavery.  In his own backyard, he could no longer ignore it.  God placed a desire in his heart to join with others in prayer and intercession for these victims of sex slavery around the world, and joined with others at the International House of Prayer Mission Base of Kansas City for two hours.  Less than two days later, the largest human trafficking bust in history occurred, when more than 2,500 suspects were found and investigated in 77 countries.  Benjamin was encouraged by this, and began meeting with people in prayer each week over the issue of human trafficking.  On May 10, 2007, a local newspaper reported the story that four men in Kansas City had been caught for forcing women into trafficking and prostitution, and 15 girls were rescued and taken to a local women’s shelter.  Only a day later, the traffickers raided the shelter and took all of the girls captive.  Benjamin realized that traffickers were being caught, and women were being freed, but that there was no safe place for these women.  They started praying in earnest for what God would have them do.

In 2008, a widow came up to Benjamin and gave him $10,000 to start an organization to combat human sex trafficking.  Exodus Cry was born of this generous gift, and today seeks to combine prayer and practical ministry to end sex trafficking around the world.

What does Exodus Cry do?

11070498_10152779536502759_8955768848335947863_nExodus Cry is prayerfully seeks to abolish sex slavery throughout the world through Christ-centered prevention, intervention and holistic restoration of trafficking victims.  Exodus Cry begins with and centers around prayer, and then takes a holistic approach to combating sex trafficking: seeking to prevent it before it begins and intervening where it already exists, and bringing restoration to those rescued from sex trafficking.

Where does Exodus Cry primarily work?

Exodus Cry works around the world praying, raising awareness, and advocating for national and international legal reform.  In places were sex trafficking is already occurring, Exodus Cry seeks out these people and offers them safety and hope as well as practical help.  Exodus Cry works with these women as they escape sex trafficking and prepare for life a life of healing, dignity, and hope through spiritual development, mentorship, education, legal counsel, medical care, job training, housing and therapy.

How can I help Exodus Cry?

11750701_10153036393692759_1846700228458617079_nPray.  Prayer is the greatest weapon against human trafficking.  Every Monday, you can join the International House of Prayer life at 8 pm CST for two hours of prayer and worship focused on Exodus Cry and their mission.  Right now, the city focus is Raqqa, Syria (learn more here)

Donations are also accepted for all aspects of the ministry at https://exoduscry.com

You can also follow Exodus Cry on Facebook