On Easter Sunday, America stopped and observed the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. As believers we should observe this wonderful sacrifice every single day. Look at what Christ’s sacrifice means for those who believe and trust Him.

It means Christ took our sin upon His shoulders and took the blame for every wrong that we have committed. He took our sickness upon His back. He was pierced for our transgressions and crushed for our iniquities. He was blameless, yet took all of the blame. Christ paid for the debt that we owed. Now we are blessed to be saved by His grace and wholly forgiven no matter what we have done as long as we believe and confess Him as our Lord. He becomes everything that we need.


Christ is our salvation and our victory. He has conquered death, hell, and the grave! So whether we live or die, it is gain to us who believe. Remember this as you walk through you every day life and don’t forget who Christ really is to you. He is the “I AM” who has the answer to every one of our needs. He is hope, He is truth, He is strength, He is provision, He is healing, He is victory!

Trust and believe on Him as the scripture has said and lean not to your own understanding. Jesus Christ is Lord and He is risen! He did not stay on the cross, He finished the cross. I pray you are blessed and full of the knowledge of the power of Jesus Christ. God is stirring the souls in this world and faith is awakening all around. Celebrate the sacrifice Christ has made for your freedom and be a part of the HE IS RISEN movement. We are the final victors in Christ Jesus!


Mandy Fender is a wife, mother, youth pastor, and women’s pastor who loves to share the good news of Jesus Christ. When she is not writing and spinning tales, she is spending time with her family and church family. She’s a book lover, animal lover, and most importantly a Jesus lover. She lives in the great state of Texas with her family and mean-mugging bulldog Ziggy Zoo. Current books she has authored are Beautifully Broken, Pretty Little Truths, and Defier: The Girl Who Stood.
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