I am going to open up in a very vulnerable way today.
I only air out my ‘dirty laundry’ so that I may inspire others.

Last year, I lost my job in February of 2013 through no fault of my own. I was lied on and the company that I had worked 2 years for, laid me off based on a LIE. This is the same company that the manager would ask me sometimes on a weekly basis to pray over our staff meeting. These were people who knew my character and knew that this was an absolute lie. However, when they may lose an account based on a lie from someone who did not work for this company, the almighty dollar took precedence over my character. This caused a domino effect to my family’s lives. We had to let our house go that we had been paying on for 12 years. Then the company did not want to pay me my unemployment. God blessed us with an attorney who fought diligently for me on this cause and the judge found in my favor. There were a few months that I had no clue how we were going to get bills paid. I recall of one month in particular before I received any unemployment where we did not pay one of our own bills ourselves. God used different people to accomplish the bills getting paid for this one month.

Praise God for Provision.

In all of this, the one thing I had to do was to seek God in forgiving people. I had to forgive the person who didn’t even know me that lied on me. I had to forgive my supervisors and managers that did not stand by me, even with knowing my character. I had to dig deep daily in prayer. I would go for walks and talk to God and watch DVD’s on forgiveness and I made repentance over any and everything I heard teaching on. I did not want anything to block my blessings.

Not only did I have to forgive but I needed God to heal the wounds on my soul.

Had I not done that, then it could reopen and ooze and I could once again have bitterness toward all of these people. Forgiveness is not an emotion, it is a conscious choice. It is a command made by Jesus throughout the entire New Testament.

I did get full time job 7 months later. Actually 7 months to the date. As some of you know, 7 is God’s number of completion. God did some great things in me throughout that time. It was very, very, very hard. However I know that in my weakness, I was made strong through the strength of my Faith in Jesus and His Faithfulness to me. We must apply forgiveness in our lives, not for them, but for us, for the betterment of our kids, for the building of character and integrity.

Next week I will share part 2 of this story as it has affected us once again just this month in a monumental way. In the meantime,

I pray that you are encouraged to ask God to empower you to forgive those that you do not want to forgive or maybe you just feel that you can’t forgive.

Ask Jesus to empower you to forgive and to heal the wound it made on your soul, so that you may live in complete Victory with no room for the enemy to work in you.