Do you feel there is something you must do—because it's right, because it is obedient to God—that you are terrified to do? You're concerned, even fearful that there will be repercussions, that perhaps it may go so far as reprisals and revenge? This prayer is for you.


I want to do what is right,
What is pleasing in Your eyes.
But this thing You ask of me now….
I'm scared.
I know—
Based on morals and ethics,
The law of the land,
Most of all
Based on Your Word,
This is the right thing.

But, Papa,
I love my friends,
And this may alienate them.
I need my job, my income,
And this may terminate them.
I value my reputation and standing
In my community,
And this may decimate them.

Lift me on Your wings, 
That I might not grow weary
In doing what is right.
Strengthen me
To consider it joy,
If called to share
In my Savior's sufferings.

Give me Your promises,
To brighten the darkest moments.
Give me Your people,
To speak Your encouragement,
Your comfort.

But most of all,
Give me Your Presence.
Walk with me
Through whatever is to come.
Let me feel You beside me—
Always at my right hand.

Unless Your Presence goes with me,
Do not send me out from here.

marcia-headshot-225x300As a child, Marcia Gunnett Woodard was an avid reader, often disappearing into a book for days at a time. By her late teen years she realized that she wanted to be able to use words to weave a spell that drew the reader into the story, like her favorite authors did. Since then, she has enjoyed trying her hand at a variety of writing forms, including fiction, poetry, and theatre scripts. 
Although she still lives less than 100 miles from her birthplace, she has traveled internationally and has shared her thoughts with groups as near as a local university and as far away as Vladimir, Russia. 
When she isn't writing, she enjoys camping, traveling, sewing, playing word games, and surrounding herself with family (her husband and their children and grandchildren) and friends (both real and imaginary). 
Marcia firmly believes in the power of story. Since learning that the words parable and parabola have the same origins, she considers her writing to be a catapult, using the parabolic arc of story to launch projectiles of truth into walled-off hearts and barricaded minds. 
Connect with Marcia online: 
Twitter:  @MarGunWoo