I was cleaning out my desk the other day and found something pretty amazing: God’s provision.

I’m packing up my apartment to move a few hours away, and so, naturally, I was cleaning out my desk – you know, throwing away old papers that I really shouldn’t have kept in the first place, getting rid of the things that I just threw in the drawer over the last four years…and I came across some old cards.

I tend to keep things…probably longer than I should. But be that as it may, I’m glad that I kept these. They’re cards from very dear friends that were written as I was graduating college and moving to Michigan. I opened them up and started reading them…smiling at the memories and laughing at the inside jokes from long ago.

And as I opened each card, the same thing kept staring me in the face. Each of these people who were so dear to me had written similar things, among the jokes and stories and laughs. Each of them had said that they were praying I would find a good, Godly church in Michigan. That God would bring me good friends at all of the right turns in my life. That God would provide.

And He has provided – all of those things. More than I could ever have imagined.

He brought me to a church, where I have been able to serve and love and grow, where I have been blessed with a family of God that is so dear to me. It’s been a place where I have seen the kids I watch grow up and change and learn. Where a Sunday doesn’t go by that I don’t get a hug from at least one of my little ones, brightening even the darkest week. Where I have been encouraged to lead and to write and to serve. Where I have been loved. Where I have walked life with some amazing people – the hard times and the good times.

God has not only brought me good friends – He has brought me great ones. Friends that I am going to miss terribly, but who will remain friends for the rest of my life. Friends who challenge me, encourage me – friends who have changed me for the better. Friends who let me love their kids – and who love me. Friends who share life with me – and I with them. Friends who pray with me and for me and let me pray for them. Friends who have shown me the love of Christ.

When I read those cards four years ago for the first time, I trusted that God would provide through the prayers of my friends. But I didn’t know until now, reading them again, just how much He has provided. So if you’re wondering if God is good – let me remind you. He is. If you’re doubting that He can provide what it is you need – let me remind you. He can, and He will. If you’re in the middle of a trying season, and you’re hanging on for dear life – let me encourage you. He’s got you. He’s not gonna let go. He will provide – and He will do immeasurably more than you could ever ask or imagine.