When you look around your home, room, or office space do you see completion? Do you see an outward manifestation of the vision God placed in your heart. Are you pleased and motivated by your space or have you settled?  The corner to the left that was supposed to house a fabulous upholstered chair has become occupied by a permanent basket of laundry. You tagged the family room wall behind the sofa as the perfect accent wall to could hold beautiful portraits of your family but it still wears the eggshell colored coat of paint from years ago (even though you’ve already selected the accent color and the photos for the wall).   Your space is supposed to inspire you. It should be a daily reminder of who you are and where you’re going.  Does it?  Have you settled?

There are five words that clearly indicate that you have settled.  Said in isolation these words are just fine but when you string them all together they become a virus (or death sentence) for your dreams and standards.  Those five words are “This is good enough for now”.  Why do we do that?  Why do we use those words, or any words, to falsely label things when we know it’s not the truth?  The basket in the corner is not a good piece of furniture and eggshell paint is not good unless you like eggshell paint (I like eggshell paint).  So then what should we say when our space (or life) is not quite there?  We say “It’s not quite there” and we keep saying it until we are able to create the environment that accurately depicts who we really are.  No, good enough is not good enough, not anymore.


There are reasons.  I get that. The budget is too small, time is too tight, and kids are too messy.  Sometimes the reason is more personal, such as your inability to advocate for yourself. Although these reasons are real and somewhat valid you cannot allow them to bully you into settling for “enough for right now”.  Your needs matter and you deserve to have it all.  So when the reasons begin speaking to you, speak back.   God has attached great power to your words.  He actually says death and life are in the power of the tongue.  If the budget says no, replied with a plan for saving or increased income.  If your children are messy, reply with enforceable guidelines. If there is anything stopping you from advocating for your own need reply by prayerfully finding the strength to say yes to everything God has for you.

Grab a pack of Post-Its, sit quietly in your space and listen with your eyes.  What is your environment saying to you? Does it say “good enough for now” or does it say “complete and motivating”?  Every aspect of your space that is not good enough gets a Post- It that says “not enough”.  I want you to immediately address everything that’s not enough by making a plan that includes: the look and feel of the space, the items you need, and a timeline for getting it done.  You deserve to have a space that is more than enough.