Did you ever have a person offer you forgiveness, then turn around and find yourself struggling to forgive someone else? A wise person once told me that if we struggle to offer grace and forgiveness to others, it’s because we haven’t yet come to believe in its reality in our own lives. Praying today, that God’s grace will feel true in our own lives, so we can help it be true in the lives of others.


Great Deliverer,

My life had such strongholds—


Seemingly unbreakable cycles.

But You sent Your Word and healed me.

Help me to believe the grace You give,

So that I may extend grace to others.

With no pride,

With no fear,

I let go of anger and revenge.

I choose grace.

I cast off the spirit of heaviness

And call on Heaven

With all that is in me,

Trusting that You, Father,

Through me,

Will do the impossible.