Like dirt upon the surface of the traveled road,

covered up with perfect snow,

and washed away in springs’ melting flow,

He Makes All Things New.

Like a jewelsmith refining gold,

shaping it by fire into something beautiful and bold,

He Makes All Things New.

Like the artist who sees beauty in others’ rubble,

and repurposes it with magnificent vision

to a breathtaking creation,

He Makes All Things New.

For he is the master carpenter taking our broken shards of suffering

and rebuilding them into unimaginable masterpieces of freedom and healing.

Always available when we call on his name,

he wipes our tears,

and sends away our shame.

Yet he doesn’t stop there,

he redeems our story.

Like the most prolific heavenly author,

he ties every detail together to bring us life,

and to bring him glory.

He Makes All Things New.