I was driving home late last night, down one of those two lane country roads in Indiana. Turns out, there’s a lot of those roads, and I’m pretty unfamiliar with them right now. You see, I just moved here, and I’m still learning my way around. I don’t know which roads twist and turn or which ones are likely to have horses and buggies on them. I don’t know which ones have stop signs every half mile, and which ones go on forever.

Most of these roads have a ditch on either side of them and people who drive like maniacs. Oh, and people who blind you with their high beams.

As I was driving down that two lane road last night, and it was a little scary – not being able to see more than a hundred feet in front of you and not knowing what’s up ahead.

It’s kind of like life, isn’t it? God gives us these glimpses of what He is calling us to do, these rare moments of certainty where we can see a hundred feet in front of us. But we can’t see what’s coming. We can’t see that there’s a sharp turn or a stop sign up ahead. That cancer is going to hit us seemingly out of nowhere or that a close friend is going to die unexpectedly. But we can’t see the good things too – the new baby, the extra money that just showed up in the budget – all we can see is what God illuminates before us.

Occasionally we get a glimpse of what’s coming when there’s a house light on, or a gas station. But not very often. Most of the time we’re still in the dark, with only our headlights.


Walking in faith isn’t easy, and it’s certainly not without its difficulties. But we’ve got a God who can see all the twists and turns and stop signs because He built the road. He knows what lies ahead for us and He guides us through it.

We may end up in the ditch sometimes, or make a wrong turn, but still He shows us the way, one step at a time.