• Hey Christian musician. Can we talk?

I love what you do every week on Sunday morning and it just wouldn’t be the same without you because music is definitely where I sense God the most. But I really need to ask a favor. Long before I show up in this pew Sunday morning, there’s a Saturday night.
On Saturday night, I heard songs on the radio that I connected with, but none of them offered me a way out of the pit that I was in. The problem with Saturday night, is that sometimes it seems like Sunday morning will never come.

So I was wondering if, when you write your songs, maybe you could write some that resonate with Saturday night.

The reason this is so important is because until I know that I’m okay enough to be in God’s presence I’m not gonna show up on Sunday morning. I thought if you wrote some Saturday night songs, maybe we can meet halfway.

Is it possible that that you could write some songs with lyrics that say what no one else is saying?

There are three things I really need to hear before I can walk into your church on Sunday morning and be excited about meeting God there. The first is that He doesn’t hate me. This is key because right now I feel so broken and so awfully messed up that He’s got to be mad at me. Why would I show up at his house on the Sunday morning to celebrate somebody who so ticked off at me that I might get struck by lightning. I see a lot of Christians on Facebook talking about how God’s wrath is going to punish me for everything that I’m doing wrong.

It really doesn’t sound like a great way to spend a Sunday morning, so can you start by telling me that he doesn’t hate me?

Can you write songs that tell me sometimes godly people get it wrong and sometimes people completely miss the point of the gospel? You remember the last point where I said that Christians are always telling me how I’m going to be punished. Maybe my life right now already feels like punishment. I get that I’m broken and screwed up and I get that God probably doesn’t want this for me. But I have trouble with people who start every conversation by reminding me of that.



Can you write a song for Saturday night that helps me know that beating me up is not the goal of Christian outreach.

The third thing I need to hear is a song that says I’ll never ever be too broken for God.-Right now unicorns prancing down my street with leprechauns on their back seems more realistic than God loving me. Can you use your words and your experience to convince me otherwise? Because as long as I feel this messed up I’m not gonna show up on Sunday morning. I can barely look myself in the mirror why would I come before righteous people. Can you write me a song that teaches me that I’m okay even in the midst of all this junk that life is throwing at me?

Hey Christian musician, will you write me a song that gets me through Saturday night?

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