If you’re anything like me, the holidays bring with them some pretty serious busyness.  But then again, I’m a college professor, and the most stressful time of the semester is nestled right in between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Whose bright idea was that??

Regardless of the busyness at work, though, my guess is that the month between Thanksgiving and Christmas is also busy for you too.  The malls are packed, the traffic is terrible, your mom keeps bugging you about what you want for Christmas, and you’re really not looking forward to spending Christmas Eve with your strange Aunt Winifred.

Although the holidays can bring much joy – family around the table and kids jumping for joy on Christmas morning, laughter and cookies and decorating the tree – it can also come with challenges.  You know, those family members who are hard to get along with, or that really, really long drive to see the in-laws.  Or maybe these holidays come with a little bit of sadness – the first holiday without a loved one, or a challenging time in your marriage.

My prayer for you this holiday season is that you are able to find the joy amidst the hard, the sad, and the difficult.  May you find peace in the chaos and rest in the ordinary this season.

Merry Christmas!

In Christ,