Quiet, except for the chirping of birds and patter of the squirrels.

Calm, a light wind blowing through the trees.

Peaceful, a stillness settling over me.

On top of the mountain, looking out as far as I could see, I was overcome with a sense of peace.

It wasn’t that things were perfect – there were rain clouds hovering in the distance.
It wasn’t that all of my problems were fixed – not at all.
It wasn’t that things were all in their place – they weren’t.
It wasn’t that the world had stopped fighting – there was still fighting in my own house, and fighting in the Middle East.

It was just….peaceful.

I find that when I’m in a place where my cell phone doesn’t work, I’m with just a few chosen people, and I’m in the midst of God’s beautiful Creation, I’m reminded of God’s peace.

God’s peace is different than the world’s peace.  It transcends circumstances.  It isn’t dependent on emotion or on other people.  It’s bigger than that.

When I climb down the mountain and enter back into the chaos of life, I don’t leave the peace I found behind.  It comes with me.  My problems meet me at the bottom of the mountain, too.  But God is bigger.  His peace is greater.

Where are you reminded of God’s peace?