In the face of the ongoing reports of racial inequality, tension, and violence, and concern for the safety and wellbeing of some of my black friends, God sent me to Amos chapter 5 for my devotions. It reads almost like the daily newspaper.



“Let justice roll down
“Like mighty waters.”
A tsunami of justice,
Held at bay far too long
Flooding across the land.
What should have been
A gentle rain,
A sweetly flowing stream,
Arrives instead as a crashing torrent—
Sweeping away injustice
And oppression.
Forever changing the landscape.
Forever changing our lives.

Are my thoughts
Near enough in tune with Yours?
Does my heart beat in time with Yours?
Do I love my neighbor enough
That I welcome Your justice?
Am I willing to pray,
Although it be with fear and trembling,
“Thy kingdom come.
“Let justice roll down.”