When I think of leaders in the church, I think of Pastors and Sunday School teachers, Elders and Deacons.  But really, there’s much more to it than that.

Leaders aren’t just the people that stand up in front of the church on Sunday mornings.  The people whose faces and names are on the back of the bulletin or the church door.  The musicians whose name everyone knows.

You don’t have to stand at the pulpit to be a leader. 

You don’t need a microphone to be a leader. 

You don’t have to have it all together to be a leader. 

To be a leader, you need only two things: a life to live and Jesus Christ. 

Jesus didn’t call perfect people to be his disciples and to lead the early church.  He called fishermen, tax collectors, and prostitutes.  He called women and men of low standing in society.  I guarantee that Peter didn’t expect to be the foundation of the early church, and Paul didn’t expect to be the one to write almost half of the New Testament.  Timothy didn’t expect to be leading a church at a young age, nor did Barnabas expect to part from Paul to spread the Gospel elsewhere.

And yet each of these men, and so many other men and women, were leaders.  They were leaders in their churches and in the marketplace, they were leaders in their families and in the streets.

Every leader has to follow someone, something.  These men and women, along with you and me, choose to follow Jesus Christ, the one who died so that we could have a way to the Father.  The one who has redeemed these fallen souls, who has set the captive free.  The one who gives us the Holy Spirit to guide us this side of heaven.  The one who calls us his child, beloved.  The one who calls us to lead.

Lead from where you are – no microphone needed.  Lead your family to Jesus.  Point them to Him with your life and your words.  Lead by living your life as if it’s not yours (because, really, it’s not.  It’s God’s.) – you only have one to live.  Lead by making the hard choice, the right choice – because it’s what God has called you to.  Lead by owning up to your mistakes, and receiving grace.

You’ve been called to lead.  Be a leader.