Have you ever felt like every time you did something  someone was watching? Well someone is and I want you to know it is God. The word of God tells us that nothing is hidden before God. I want you to know that he knows and he cares about the things that you do, say and care about. Could you imagine what would happen if we lived in a constant awareness that everything that we did was being recorded?I think we would be more intentional about how we treated people and we would also be more intentional about what we thought about.

I remember the first time I really sat down and thought about the fact that I would have to give an account and would be held accountable for what I had done in this body. I was blown away. I don’t think that we would blow off the handle as much and I think it would bring us to a place where we would have to examine our hearts and actions. I remember many years ago hearing a pastor say, “Would you be yelling like that if your pastor was in you living room?” I thought about and said to myself that we probably would not because we would  practice self control.

As I examine my own life, I can remember times where I might not have handled things correctly. I remember times when I might have over reacted, I might had gotten upset or frustrated or might not had exercised enough patience about a situation with the kids or lost my cool about something – and by the end of the day I would replay everything in my head and I love that sometimes I would not even be able to go to bed because I would feel so convicted about how I handled the situation. I would sometimes rethink how I should have or could have handled it in a better way. One very clear memory I have was when one of my daughters was acting out in school and I remember not handling it correctly.

I was so frustrated and disappointed, and I remember going to church that Sunday and I would never forget it was communion sunday and as they passed out the elements I remember hearing the Lord tell me to ask my daughter for forgiveness.

That was one of the most humbling things that I have ever had to do.I remember saying to her that I wanted to ask her for her forgiveness she quickly said yes and then I said to her again that I wanted to sincerely apologize to her because it was not ok the way that I responded to her. After I felt that the Lord released me to take the communion. Do we have to be right because we are parents? No. Do we have to know everything? No. We do need to be reminded that everything we do we do it for an audience of one.

I thank God that I know and understand today that I do not always have to be right, I just have to be humble and teachable and ready to grow as a person.