A few months ago, I had the privilege of hearing Andrea Conn speak at Broken Beautiful BOLD’s live event in Marion, Indiana.  Andrea spoke of her dream of 15 years that has been brought to fulfillment by God.  She is doing incredible things for God, one children’s book at a time.


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Meet Andrea

Andrea’s family owns a Tae Kwan Do ministry, where Andrea was a second degree black belt and instructor, certified nationally and internationally.  The ministry travels around, doing demos and pointing it all back to Christ, seeing lives saved for Him.

Five years ago, Andrea encountered health conditions that took her out of participating in Tae Kwan Do, requiring five surgeries in two years.

She questioned God, saying, “Are you mad at me?  Did I fail you?

How are you going to use me now…or are you?”

Fifteen years prior to these injuries, Andrea had a dream of writing children’s books, telling stories from the Bible, but from the perspective of animals.  During her recovery from surgery, she began writing down her thoughts, making lists of the books she would write and the stories she would tell.

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Through the prompting of the Holy Spirit,

the Zookeeper’s Collection was born.

The first book in the series, Adam’s Pup, tells the story of Creation through the eyes of a dog.


Zookeeper’s Collection

Andrea’s vision is to continue to write the books that are laid on her heart, including the story of the flood, told from the dove’s perspective.

Adam’s Pup is only the first in a seven part

series that Andrea is writing for children.

But she doesn’t want to just stop there.  She wants to enlarge the vision of her ministry with His approval.

“I love speaking to others.  I love to see laughter and joy.  I would love to grow with my speaking to make others laugh but also by sharing the Gospel to see souls saved.  After all, that is what He called us to do.”

book andreaAndrea’s injury forced her to take another look at a dream that seemed to be long-lost.  But in God’s sovereign plan, He has given her the tools to create unique takes on these familiar stories for children.  For Andrea, seeing her book come to life has been a great encouragement.  But the greatest challenge, she says, is to push the negative thoughts out of her mind.  To abandon the self-doubt and to simply follow the call.  For Andrea, the road that this journey has taken her on is one to serve Christ and Christ alone.


Andrea’s Advice To You

“Don’t try to be like others.  You will fail.  Be what you are called to be

and use the gifts He has equipped you with doing it all for The Kingdom. 

Never stop until He tells you to. He has a plan and a purpose for you.”


Visit Andrea’s Facebook page and website to find out more about Zookeeper’s Collection and purchase Adam’s Pup!