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What inspired you to start Unveiled and Revealed?

At first, Unveiled and Revealed was a meme and devotion page on Facebook, but in July of 2015  I began to write more and felt God impressing new messages on me. So I began to write what God put on my heart. As this evolved and expanded, I recently moved everything over to a self-hosted site. I recently just wrote my first children’s book to encourage and inspire children and  am in the beginnings of writing a devotional book, but Speaking is my real passion. I love to bring a message of encouragement and see lights of hope go on in the eyes of women realizing who God has made them and not what the world says they are.

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What has been the greatest encouragement for you while serving in Unveiled and Revealed?

The messages from women all over the world identifying with the words God gives me to share. They identify and are encouraged, inspired and given hope for their personal situation. There is nothing like knowing God is using you when you desire for him to use you. He is such an amazing God that he can use me…of all people…to help others.


What has been your biggest challenge in ministry?

Time. Time seems to be liquid gold right now. I love to share, teach and encourage, but where the ministry is right now it takes SO MUCH time to get it off the ground and in front of people. Everything is growing organically for the blog and the ministry itself since I don’t have any cash to put toward advertisement so TIME is my cash right now. I don’t mind marketing, because it gives more opportunity to share with others, but it is hard because it takes so much LONG. Marketing also takes time away from face to face ministry.


What is your vision for your ministry?

I would love for Unveiled and Revealed to become a collaborative blog. I have guest posters once a week for a different topic each month. I would love for Unveiled and Revealed to become a place for all women to unveil and reveal themselves. I am hoping this will be a way to springboard myself into being able to spend more time face to face ministering, speaking and encouraging on a larger scale from out behind a laptop screen.

What advice do you have for others in ministry?

As you influence others, make sure you have the support, encouragement and influence that is right for you. Encouragers need encouragement, possibly more so than anyone else. Do not be afraid to ask for help. Realize as you encourage more Satan will try to discourage you even more. Know who you are in Christ. Live from that. When you live from Christ you are unstoppable and more easily recognize Satan’s illusions and distortions. Christ’s nature is yours now as a believer. Remember this. Live from this. Love from this. He is your true unveiling and will be revealed to others in you. Embrace it.


Thanks so much for sharing with us, Brianna.  You can find more about Brianna and Unveiled and Revealed at the links below.