Whitney Wagner is a part-time working mom of four daughters.  She’s had to find alternatives to cleaning solutions, healthy meals, and homemade remedies in today’s tough economy.  And she’s decided to share what she’s learned on her blog, Making the Most blog.  She shares ideas, recipes and what her girls and husband love.

10302697_1036129113064957_8525030387895871175_nShe started Making The Most Blog because she wanted to use her gifts and passions to touch the lives of others.

When people share her posts or comment or tell others that her post encouraged them, it warms her heart.  “It reinforces the idea that I’m right where God wants me and that my words have the power to keep someon going.  It just reinforces my purpose and helps me know I’m on the right track,” she says.

Whitney admits that she’s a perfectionist, which makes being in ministry difficult sometimes. 

“When my numbers don’t look as good as I think they should, when others don’t share my posts or visit my page, I get discouraged and want to quit.  Getting past that feeling just to push into where God wants me to be is a challenge for me.”

In the midst of financial ruin, family mess, or a tough marriage, Whitney hopes to let women know that God doesn’t expect them to be perfect. 

“We may never feel like we get it right, but His grace is enough for all of us, regardless of our sin.  I’d love to touch the lives of thousands of women/families, but only God knows what the end vision looks like.”11692514_1043351775676024_7608237562184032741_n

Nobody’s perfect.  I fail daily.  And where I fail, I share.  Because the power of God’s grace is most evident in His forgiveness when we fail.  We can’t focus on the picture-perfect Pinterest life, because we’ll never achieve it.  Focusing on following Jesus, understanding His overflowing grace daily is what will get us through.  Success in life isn’t the best position at work or the most money or the best things–it’s admitting you’re not perfect, that Jesus covers you, and as long as you are being the best YOU that you can be (or that you just keep trying, for that matter!), you are successful.  You are loved unconditionally.  And you’re going to be okay.”


Whitney’s Advice For You

Don’t give up!  If God has given you a word, if He has led you to this direction, THIS right here is where He wants you.  It doesn’t matter what the numbers say.  If you have prayed, fasted, and listened, and this is where He has sent you; keep working at it and don’t give up.  Even if you’re just touching the lives of a few people, that’s a few more people who may not have known the love of Christ before.  Every single life matters.  So whatever you do, don’t give up!

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