You’ve probably heard the phrase “April showers bring May flowers.”  The other thing that May brings is the celebration of Mother’s Day.

For some people, Mother’s Day is a joyful celebration of getting pasta necklaces and handprint flowers from their children.  It’s a day when Dad makes breakfast and Mom might even get to take a nap.  The kids are on their best behavior, for once in their lives.

For others, Mother’s Day is mixed with the grief of their own mother’s passing.  They don’t have a mother to call on that special day anymore, and that brings a wave of sadness.  Or perhaps they never knew their mother.  Perhaps their mother is suffering through cancer or Alzheimer’s disease.  Things aren’t exactly like they used to be.

For still others, Mother’s Day brings the reminder of what they are not.  Many, many women have experienced miscarriages or infertility that renders them without a family of their own.  It’s difficult to be fully happy on Mother’s Day for the grief of what could have been.

Regardless of the emotions you find yourself in on this Mother’s Day, remember that you were created in the Image of the Almighty God.  You were gifted uniquely for where you are right now, whether that’s as a mother, a grandmother, an aunt, a babysitter, a sister, a daughter, or a daughter-in-law.  You are a chosen, loved child of the King, no matter whether you have 10 children, no children, or anywhere in between.

May you be blessed this Mother’s Day as we celebrate mothers of all types this month here at Broken Beautiful Bold.