Fake it until you make it is not the best prescription for every situation.  The truth is some situations will never improve until we stop faking it and start taking real assessments of where we are.  Although this process can be sobering and painful it is the cost for growing to the next level in our relationships, careers, and finances.  Every successful person will tell you it’s the price they had to pay and if you really want to grow then you must get serious about paying this cost.

Where are you?  Notice that I didn’t ask about the location of your visions and dreams (because I already know your dreams are bigger than life itself).  I’m not asking about your friendship circle or your mentors (because I know you’re best buds with the who’s who of who knows what).  I’m really not asking about your potential (because potential means you’re capable but haven’t done it yet). I’m not asking about your calling (because a calling means that God gave you a life assignment, but are you doing it?).  I am asking about your current location.  Where-Are-You?  Are you in the same spot you were in last year or are you tangibly closer to your goals?  Here’s the bigger question:  Are you strong enough to give someone else permission to help you identify your true location? It’s time to put a different type of GPS to use and locate your exact position in life relative to where you want to go.  Again I ask: Where are you?

Measuring the Truth

Honest assessment of your station in life requires measuring tools that are independent of your thinking and feeling.  Saying “I feel like I’ve gotten better” is not an indicator of growth.  You must begin with definitions:

  1. What is “better”? Better than what?
  2. How much is “more”? More than what?
  3. What are the characteristics of “thriving” and do you have them?

Consider a scale if you will.  When you step on a scale it provides an honest measurement of your current weight.  A scale doesn’t take your dreams into considerations, nor does it re-calibrate after you remind it that you’ve been ill, or your family is naturally thick or thin, or about the amazing self-help book you recently read.  A working scale tells the truth…the truth you need to hear so that you can plan your next step.   Everyone needs a life scale: someone or something to tell you the truth about you.  Do you have a life scale?  Have you given anyone permission to look you square in the eye and tell you the good, the bad, and the ugly about your progress?  Can you handle the truth?

In Genesis 3 God asks Adam and Eve a simple question: “Where are you?  Now I challenge you to ask the same question of yourself and to give someone permission to grade your response.  You can handle the truth.  You need the truth because without it you’ll risk living your life in a land of not knowing and mediocrity, and you deserve better.  Where are you?  Are you bold enough to find out?