When I was a young girl, probably five or six, I remember playing with my friend whose mom just so happened to own the daycare we were at. It was nap time and my friend always stayed up. I tried to do the same. A daycare worker quickly intervened, held me by the arm, bent down, and said, “You’re not special. Get to your nap mat, now!”

All I heard was:


To me, those three words morphed into so many more. Not enough. A nothing. A no one. Not. Important.

I was young and those words meant something to me. Obviously, because I remember them to this day, twenty-five years later. Just because the worker probably did not mean anything more than, “Hey you’re not the owner’s kid, lay down” does not take the sting away to a little girl. Words hold more power than we give them credit. (On a side note…guard your heart and filter the words you speak. You just might change someone’s entire life.)

You’ll never know the weight of your words until you stand on the other side of them.

Now, fast forward, I’m thirty-years-old and I have just written my first novel. I send it to a professional editor, who is published. Accomplished. The words that I receive back are heartbreaking.

“You’re not a good enough writer to accomplish this type of book… You are not capable… Put it on a shelf and move on.”

My first thought after the shedding of tears was: “I’ll never be good enough.”

So what’s the point of me sharing these two stories with you? The point is that we can never let the opinion of individuals determine how we feel about ourselves.

I’ve published the book, I was told I was not good enough to write, and guess what? People actually read it and seemed to have enjoyed it. If I would have listened to the opinion of one, I would have missed out on living one of my life long dreams, and for what? One hater? One person who did not believe in me?

I am writing this post right now to tell you, YOU ARE ENOUGH. YOU ARE VALUABLE. YOU ARE IMPORTANT.

And yeah, you’re even special!

Don’t let anyone make you believe otherwise. The devil will constantly whisper in your ear and send people to say, “You’re not good enough” because if he can make you believe that about yourself, you’ll quit living to your fullest potential. You see, I almost lost myself in other people’s words. I can’t let that happen to anyone else.

Look down at your fingertips. You see those faint lines. Yours are unique to you. No one else has them.

God created you. You are fearfully and wonderfully made.

To go a step further to prove you’re special: Look at every strand of your hair.

God’s got those numbered. Yep, every single one of them.

Need more proof? How about those tears you have cried.

God keeps a record of them too.

You’re so special that Jesus would leave the 99 just to find you, the one.

Don’t feel like enough still?

To Jesus, you’re worth dying for.

And that’s more than enough reason to hold your head up.

I encourage you to live your dream, walk your path, and follow the One who says YOU ARE ENOUGH. The world is full of unhappy, dissatisfied people that will try to make you feel worse about yourself, just to make themselves feel better. Don’t believe the lie of you’re not enough. Overcome it by remembering just how special and unique you are.

I don’t know who needed to hear this today, but I hope you take to heart the truth and free yourself from the lies of this world. You are loved. You are important. You are special. You are good enough.