When we moved into our new house over 25 years ago, there were no trees or bushes on our property. We basically built in a cornfield that had just been harvested. The house was great and exceeded our expectations, but it looked a little bare from the outside. My husband went right to work planting grass seed everywhere. In the years that followed, he planted trees out in the front and back yards. Still, there was no landscaping up by the house. There were always other projects that needed our ready cash. We just mowed the grass and enjoyed living in the country.

Years later, my oldest son, Ben, went to college to study horticulture. By this time, we had put a nice big porch on the house. I dreamed of bushes and flowers someday adorning the area in front of the porch, and with our son’s help, it became a reality. The first things he planted up by the porch were two Magnolia bushes. They didn’t look that great to me, but he promised me that each spring they would flower long before the leaves came on. And they did!

One late March day, I walked out onto the porch and marveled that the grass was growing out of brown earth and the Magnolias were blooming on barren branches. I had to go and get my camera and record this first blooming of the Magnolia bushes. Standing there watching Spring slip into our world after such a harsh winter, reminded me of Revelation 21:5a where it says, “He who was seated on the throne said, ‘I am making everything new!’” Yes, God always keeps His promises. He can make all things new, not just in our world, but in our hearts.