Here I stand, on a mountaintop.

I chose this path,
This time of solitude.
Of isolation.

But some days, I miss the lowlands.
The lush greenness.
Fruitful. Productive. Refreshing.
Here on the mountaintop, life is strenuous.
Harsh. Demanding. Raw.

In the lowlands, I have known breezes of blessing,
Rainbows of prosperity,
Sunshine of success.
Here on the mountaintop, I find Your Voice in the thunder,
Your revelation in the lightning’s flash,
Your Spirit in the rushing wind.

In the lowlands, I have romped, through meadows of worship.
Here on the mountaintop, I struggle,
Climbing to stand on boulders of bedrock truth.

In the lowlands, I have felt Your nurturing, tender care,
As You offered comfort and healing.
Here on the mountaintop, I face storms, cold, and stress,
As You push me to the limit.
Training me for battle.

Almighty Creator of the Universe,
Thank You for creating a place for me—
As You did for Abraham, Moses, Jesus—
Thank You that You forged this mountaintop,
Where I stand alone.
With You.