It’s been one of those days.
We woke up late
Because the power was out,
So there was no hot water for showers.
And in the warm fridge,the milk had spoiled
So the kids got zipper bags of cornflakes for breakfast.

The power was out because of a storm in the night,
And the driveway was flooded;
Which I discovered
When Emma splooshed out through the puddles
In her brand new shoes.

I got Thomas and the baby into the car without mishap
(Except for the pacifier dropped in the mud),
Only to find the kids had left the windows down on the car.
The seats were soaked.

I scrounged plastic grocery bags from the trunk to sit on.
At least the kids were getting along on the way to school.
They really enjoyed their cornflake fight.
As I dropped the kids off,
I turned to wave goodbye,
Just in time to see the gum imbedded
In the hair on the back of Thomas’ head.

I dropped the baby off at the sitter.
For a change, he seemed happy to see her.
Maybe it was her funny, hoarse voice
And the way she sneezed in his face
That kept him so entertained.
Hope he enjoys it as much
When it’s his turn
To be the germ-laden one.

I got to work and remembered—
When I saw them–
The board of directors is visiting!
I tried to sneak in and avoid notice,
Only to catch my shoe on the carpet
And fall up the stairs,
Dramatically displaying the ineffectiveness
Of plastic grocery bags
As seat covers.


It’s only ten o’clock,
And already I’m exhausted.
Thank you,
That as miserable as this day is,
You will walk every step of it with me.
Thank you for Your strength to rely on
(Since mine is pretty much gone already!)
And thank you that You’ll be waiting for me
At the end of this long, long day.

You’re so nice to come home to.