I feelI sat in my car at the far end of the parking lot, a stack of emails folded in my lap. It had been a week since I’d begun my regular lunchtime prayer appointments with God. I’d emailed all my co-workers to let them know I felt called to pray for the staff by name, and some had responded with specific requests for me. Others made no response, and that was fine.

With their names scribbled on the back of one email, I began at the top and prayed to the bottom, pausing to reference the messages I’d received. When the last name rolled from my tongue, I slouched in the driver’s seat and said, God…I do not feel like I’ve accomplished anything here. I feel distant. Are You hearing me? Anything at all?

Before I drove back to my parking space and resumed my work for the afternoon, I added a couple of prayers for my own life. The season of chaos, I’m sure, contributed to my feeling that my words bounced from the roof of the car and tumbled, lifeless, in the back seat.

Two days later, he texted. A co-worker who hadn’t responded at all to my offer of prayer, and in truth, I figured he just hadn’t seen the message yet. He thanked me for my prayers and said that while he hadn’t had the courage to reveal to me the true needs of his heart, something miraculous had taken place in his mind and life that week. Breakthroughs like he’d never seen. And he knew, he said, that it was the prayers.

inadequaciesWhat a perfectly timed message! In the same hour when I felt my chaos and human inadequacies made my prayers futile, his words reminded me that God is not hindered by chaos or inadequacy. He hears the prayers of His children, and even when they lack specifics or human knowledge, He intercedes with answers to the needs.

Satan wanted nothing more than to see me slouch in my seat, defeated, and give up my prayer appointments. But God wants nothing more than to see me push through and watch as He answers in ways I can’t even fathom.

So I push forward to pray without ceasing. The outcome? All God’s. 


Bekah Shaffer wears many hats throughout the day, serving as a wife, writer, blogger, radio producer, and commuter. But under the hats, she's a redeemed and restored daughter of the Most High King. She loves life with her husband, after waiting 34 years to be married, and she loves to scrapbook, cook, make memories and point others toward the Lord!

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