We’ve come today to talk with You about Your daughters and sons—our sisters, brothers, and friends—and ourselves. You’ve given all of us such a variety of gifts: a keen mind, a hilarious sense of humor, an outgoing personality.
And sometimes, when we’re serving in the positions where you have placed us, some of us act as if You have given us limitless energy, as well.
But we know, Lord, that only You are limitless in anything, so we acknowledge that, whether we admit it to others or not, we get tired.
We ask that you lift us up, as we serve where you have placed us.
Renew our strength and guard our health.
Bless and strengthen our immune systems.
Help us to make healthy choices and to get adequate sleep.
Give us discernment in the demands on our time, to differentiate between divine appointments and “snake trails,” where the enemy would try to distract us from Your plan.
As we work and speak for You, help us to say the important things in ways our hearers will find memorable, to say the hard things in ways that fall gently on their hearts. And as we fulfill our duties, may we speak and act, always, through the filter of Your love, and for Your glory. We Your children, whose desire is to do all things to bring You honor and praise, ask all this in the Name of Your Son, our Elder Brother, Jesus.