Do you ever feel like you just want to quit?  I mean pack up, move to another city and start all over in a place where no one knows your name type of quit.  The funny thing about it all is that just two or so months ago you were totally on fire and sure about what God wants you to do.  What happen from that point to now?  You have not lost your mind. You did not lose your zeal for God.  The likely answer is that you’ve experienced the same thing many other well meaning women have encountered and it’s called information overload.

Information overload occurs when your brain is exposed to more data than it can process at the time.  I am not talking about the volume of information but rather the scope of content and the variety of sources.  In a world where social media and the World Wide Web reign supreme (and let’s face it those things are not going anywhere) it’s easy for smart, gifted, purpose-filled  women to lose focus and get caught up in what everyone else is doing. Well, not doing but saying.  Let me give an example. ‘Lisa’ is happy and successful in her career.  She has a great salary, time to travel and spend with loved ones.  She has a great 401K retirement plan, is debt free, and is content with her life.  However, the current trend on social media (that she reads over and over again) tells her that working for someone else is a cop-out and the way to go is entrepreneurship. Her social shaming continues as she reads, “The way to be a good entrepreneur is to hire a coach, and the way to find a coach is to follow 10 coaches on social media before deciding which one to hire, and the way to…” well you see where this is going.  Let me clarify, coaches can be great and this is the last time I’ll mention them in this article.  So what then is the problem?

Lisa and so many women like her have unnecessarily complicated their lives (and not to mention spent good money) on things that have nothing to do with their purpose. And they’ve done it simply because the internet said they should.  Many women have grown frustrated and bored with the purpose that brought them so much joy simply because the internet said they should.  Many women are in a nomadic personal space, totally stretched with one foot in this arena and the other foot in that arena simply because all the great people on the internet said she should.  The point? Too many women have allowed online information overload to disconnect them from their purpose.  Is this you? Is it time to power down and reconnect with the purpose that used to bring you so much joy and  passion?  Here are a few tips to help you get there.

Know Who You Are

Information overload easily affects women who are not clear about who they are.  Do everything in your power to (re)-discover your identity based on your faith, core values, and goals.  Go on a personal retreat (internet free) if necessary or do a fast. Do whatever it takes to reconnect with who you are at your core.

Label Your Purpose

Write your purpose. Share your purpose. Create a vision board about your purpose.  Create an environment that constantly reminds you of YOUR purpose.

Live in Purpose

Spend the majority of your time on your purpose.  Do your purpose.  Read and learn about getting better at your purpose.  Bring your purpose to every opportunity you have.

Enjoy the Journey

Build a life you enjoy and enjoy the life you’ve built.  Your purpose, when done right, will provide fulfillment and provision.  Enjoy every step of your purpose filled life. Resist information overload and load up with uniquely tailored information about your called purpose!